European B2B DATA

European B2B DATA

The EuropeanB2B Data Portal allows you to select your B2B target audience of companies in multiple countries in real time. Our B2B portal performs live
counts on the largest and most up-to-date local European sources in every country. Through our targeting portal you can now build your selections, across Europe, on common criteria: activity codes (based on 4-digits NACE classifcation) and employee size bands.

  • This targeting portal allows you to count, across Europe, on common activity codes based on 4-digits NACE classifcation.
  • Covered Countries: BelgiumSwitzerlandGermanySpainFranceIrlandItaly • NetherlandsNorwayPortugalSwedenUnited Kingdom

Building your B2B targets across Europe

All registered companies across multiple countries

Our B2B platform allows you to target all registered companies across multiple countries. You can build, select and compare your audience country by country. By combining the maximum possible information from local and live B2B sources, is a unique entry point, giving access to international markets.

A powerfool tool

Paneuropean Criteria

Activity sectors and employees size are classified in the same way across all European countries. Activity selections are based on the EU official NACE code classification.

Geographic criteria

Geographic selections are based on the official administrative divisions of European states They can be based on 2 levels (regions and provinces for example) for larger countries, or 1 level for smaller countries.

Legal form

As legal forms vary considerably from country to country, it is impossible to unify them in a single classification. They are based on existing national legal status of companies and are presented in local languages. Because some sources don’t offer selection by legal form, we can’t offer this across all countries.

Creation date

Company creation dates are based on the day they were registered in their country of origin by the official States administrations. This feature is not available in all countries, as some local data sources don’t contain this information.

Build your B2B target

Building your B2B target dataset is easy, these are the 6 steps to follow to deliver your ideal prospect base, the key part of any successful direct marketing plan:

  • Click on: B2B target builder
  • Select your country(ies) by clicking on flag(s)
  • Add selection criteria: Multinational criteria & local criteria
  • Run your count
  • Download statistical reports in CSV format
  • Request a quote

You will then receive an e-mail confirming your request and we will contact you to confirm your target and strategy.

European B2B DATA

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