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Direct Marketing data

With more than 2,000 lists available in France and more than 15,000 world-wide, we constantly research and supply all types of B2C and B2B marketing files. We provide data that is suitable for every requirement, across all channels: direct mail, e-mail and telemarketing.

We carefully select the right target audience and data source for you. Because each direct marketing project is unique, we believe that the data is the most important element to get right for a successful campaign.

At first, we might simply start with supplying a single list that exactly matches your target market. We can then move on to complex data-planning projects involving multiple prospect data sources.

For more than 35 years, we have continually researched and developed new markets, new trends, new channels, new legal contexts; we are proud to serve more than 400 clients in Europe and beyond.

Our Lists Portfolio



List Management


  • Euroleads is the longest-established list manager in France. Some of our data owners have marketed their lists exclusively through us for more than 40 years.
  • Our list management policy is centered on an absolute respect for legal requirements, and on a totally transparent sales process.
  • We generate and maximize income of our list owners, based in France and abroad.
  • Every data owner we represent can be sure that we will only offer their files to buyers whose targeting characteristics are a good match and are therefore most likely to perform well; and come back for more.


We offer a complete global data verification and append solution, both in the B2B and B2C fields, including:

Postal address check and normalisation
ID Check
Data append
Data analysis

We execute all these data processing steps for the whole of Europe and North America.